There Is No Write But Wrong

BOTB-2013logoIt just came as a shock to me that my personal blog got nominated for a Best of the Best Award. I would say a mini celebration is in order but as you can see from my previous post dates, blogging hasn’t come easily for me lately.

So I felt I should write and write I shall. Not because of the nomination itself but because I’ve realized that I’ve become so incredibly one-track-minded that I haven’t even had time to continue to cultivate what began my career to begin with.

I suppose I shall announce at this point that I’ve landed the best job in the entire known Universe: I’m THE social media coordinator for the El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau, otherwise known as Visit El Paso. The job landed on my lap as a sheer coincidence in a moment of pure desperation. The story goes like this:

I had bought a car – a shitty one, mind you – from a well known street here known for selling shitty cars. I had it coming to me; the engine blew a gasket, the fuel pump probably melted into Hell and it’s currently growing mold in my boyfriend’s father’s mechanic shop.

It goes without saying that I had (and still don’t have) a vehicle yet I worked all the way in Santa Teresa, NM. For several months, I relied on the kindheartedness of my fellow work mates and commuted to work this way. Of course, at some point you start feeling like a mooch, even though I did compensate them for gas money. I started looking for jobs Downtown (where I live) and I ran across several – one of them being the Social Media Coordinator for Visit El Paso.


I knew this was the job for me. I applied, followed up, showed up, got interviewed and landed the job. Since that point, I stopped my podcast, I stopped writing, I stopped my religious practice and worse yet, I stopped painting.

I get paid well for what I do but I can clearly see that my work has completely overtaken my life. Is that okay? I mean, it’s truly a job I enjoy. Some days it feels like “work” but other days – when I’m video taping a bike ride, editing photos on Photoshop, Tweeting people, making connections – it just feels like fun.

Art & Thelema will become a part of my life again. They’re always going to me major elements in my life; I buy art & attend art shows regularly and my life ideologies have been formed around the tenets of Thelema. However, there comes a time when you’ve got to push on the brakes, take a look at your life and see if there’s anything you’ve  left out or anyone you’ve forgotten.

This is my commitment to myself: I will paint a magnificent piece, unlike anything you’ve seen me do before, perhaps by the time June has come. I intend for it to be a gift to my boyfriend in celebration of our first complete year together.

Take some time to reflect. Are you missing out on anything in your life right now? What can you do to re-establish that connection again?